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  1. Gary

    Upgrade successful

    Just a quick note that I have upgraded the forum to the latest version. You may notice some differences when browsing. You can find the latest release notes on this version by clicking here. If you guys are encountering any issues please let me know by posting below.
  2. Gary

    Clubs now available

    A new feature has arrived on the forum; Clubs! Clubs enable you to create social groups within Cracking The OFM Code. With a wealth of options, they're ideal for user-to-user collaboration and especially useful for getting your crew mates together right here on the forum. Clubs have various permissions allowing the creator to have theirs viewable to the public eye or to keep it private with only those accepted into the club. Leaders can customise their club with a photo and banner image, plus add additional data based on admin-defined customer fields - great for filtering clubs by interest or by giving prospective members an idea of whether the club interests them. Club leaders are also in control of the content areas within their club. They can add new forums, calendars, download areas and image galleries, without needing admin assistance. This will bring back the old school method of crew forums once found on OFM which I'm sure will be a hit to crew bosses. Start your own club now by visiting this link. All clubs must be approved by a staff member before you will have access to them and only crew bosses and captains can open clubs for their respective crews. This is to prevent duplicate clubs being created and to ensure it follows obvious etiquette. Please comment below for any questions, concerns or how to start up your very own club.
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